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shanghai event

Wow.. it's been a whirl... we just had a two day event for our winter collection.. did a show in the shanghai  XTD  store windows.. the effect was really beautiful.. here's a few to share.....ENJOY...gosh ..where was i??? running around like a maniac....

Our original campiagn and collection theme was based on Iceland..

model in window posing with dry ice.. icelandic feel...eerie blue light..

more poses..

Inside the store . we had the commercial running ...this was shot in iceland tooo...

waterfalll in motion... icicles..

the real models.. they were fantastic....

Miss DJ..looking fierce!..LURVE the hair...

and this was a few hours before........venue set up...

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exciting yes.. but at events like these... it's also not knowing what can happen next can send you OVER the edge....They did a walk and pose through the windows for about 15 mins...
over 16 years ago
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yes it's a alot of prep for the show which is always over in a few...great adrenalin for a short moment!
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