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madness has it that i stepped of the plane back to xiamen after a quick weekend in hk...and LOST my cell phone... thiking it dropped out of my bag that was under the seat....SO SAD...BOOHOO....lost my last phone in BAng KoK..... i love my NOkIA....and i am travelling tomm.. so i have to locate a handset from somewhere.. but i am wondering if i am lucky enough for someone to be kind enough to RETURN it...wishing i was in NYC right now where you can make a phone call.. and Voilå a New one is delivered...any time any place..thank goodness  i stil have my blackberry...eek if that was gone.. i would be in so much trouble!

Ooop another crazy thing that happened to me .. that u see in the movies...xiamen airport is a funny thing.. being in china with the muscle men .. is something else....what happened to gentlemanly manners...??

First as always i have TO ASK the Cabbie to step out of his taxi and help me with my luggage.. which incidentally is always heavy.... =(....so i have learned to say this part fluently in mandarin.....so after he reluctantly steps out of the cab.. and is looking at me carrying all my heavy bags.. he thinks i have an extra hand to HELP HIM and actually askes me to ...maybe i can grow an extra arm.. or whip out my leg...

Next.. my niece gets in the cab.. i throw all my bags in the back seat  and i am just moving them over so i can get into the cabseat...HE decides to drive off and nearly takes off my arm and leg...STUPID.. i was seriously swearing in english and chinese ....WHO on earth doesn't check to see if the PASSENGER is actually IN the cab and the door is closed...!!!??? unbelievable...

NOW frantically packing and organising my life into 3 suitcases....yes THREE....first stop shanghai....then LONDON... NYC... LA....Vancouver.. then over to see the family in SUNNY Manchester... hehe then onto the Paris shows before heading back home...How do you pack for 3 diff climates..and i like to travel light.. i am already looking forward to spending the oCtober holidays in Hong Kong and a whole week in my apartment...with ME.

Will keep you all posted with pics from the show.. this Friday...if you are good!

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