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Let's buy an apartment together!!!

After months' of hard work and the joy of working with talented people, our "baby" will be born on July 17th!

Please remember to tune in to ATV (Chi),

or on the web, on July 17th, 2011 at 7:30pm to support us! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4UVJV25mUk&feature=channel_video_title

 ###“We Wanna Buy A Flat!”

 It is an urban legend that the previous generation of  Hong Kong citizens have switched from poverty to prosperity by the method of: Save money -> Buy apartment -> Sell apartment -> Buy apartment again!  So, is an apartment a blessing or a curse to a Hong Kong person?  Five innocent young adults have pledged to live up to this dream of buying an apartment together!  Let us watch closely their youthful journey of no regrets!




傳說上一代香港人都是這樣脫貧發達的:儲錢→買樓→賣樓→再買樓。一層樓,是護身符,還是緊箍咒?五個大想頭的後生仔,身體力行,實踐獅子山下核心價值觀,心口刻上「勇」字,向著人人夢寐以求的「一層樓」出發。讓我們屏息靜氣,觀看他們輕狂無悔的歷程! The Link to watch the web cast / archived program:


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Hope your project is a great success Patty, and I further hope that I'll be able to find an English-subtitled version! Sorry, have no Canto skills. It looks beautiful though.
over 9 years ago
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wow, sounds like an ambitious premise. I'm really curious if this path to riches still works... at some point the amount of time required to afford a down payment becomes infinitely long and the boat to riches never arrives... :-P
over 9 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
does that work? dang!
over 9 years ago


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