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I am not saying this for myself.  I am saying this on behalf of an abandoned dog!

On last Saturday night (i.e. on Nov 10th, 2007), when I went to Sok Ku Wan of Lamma Island (an outskirt island in Hong Kong) for seafood dinner, I discovered this poor abandoned dog wandering around trying to pick up some leftover food to eat.  

Although it was very cute and lovable looking,  I could tell instantly that this was an abandoned dog because its hair was very scruffy and dirty looking, and it was acting very timidly....  People from the neigbourhood stores told me that this dog has been wandering around there for months already and was probably purposely brought to Lammai Island to be dumped there by its former owner so that the dog will not be able to find its way home....

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAUVBRB3fjQ As you can see in the video, this dog is very tame and seems to understand what I was saying but somehow it also seemed to be very vary of people... It just made me wander if the dog had experienced certain terrible experiences dealing with some people before....

So far, I have written to a few animal welfare organizations in HK, like the SAA, HK Dog Rescue and also the Lamma Animal Protection organization to see if they can help this dog find a new home...  I am putting this video up hoping that as more people get to know about the existence of  this poor dog, it may increase the chance of it getting a new home...

If I don't already have 3 very spoiled dogs constantly fighting for my attention at home, I would definitely have taken him (or her) home already!

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hopefully hkdr can help. (tell them i won't go to their fundraiser next year if they don't!) :-P
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I always wonder why people can be so cold-blooded. Hopefully he can find a new home soon.
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