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Insane Karaoke!!

AnD Folks,

Ok. I have to admit it was a little crazy last night guys hahah! @_@ HOWEVER, it was also extremely fun. Patrick - you kicked some a$$ on the mic yesterday haha! That was awesome. So - we had an incredible time at Karaoke and everyone was singing there lungs out and having a blast. The best was when we had 3 Patrick Lee's singing and we had the entire room of 20 somewhat people jumping in the air putting there hands up to Limp Bizkit and Zombie. I think some of us had waaaayyy too much to drink and I believe we broke about 5 glass cups which shattered across the floor (lol!) You know who you guys were that did that!! But not naming any names - keke.  After being sick the past few days, it was good to hang out and sing our lungs out.

WELL, anyways - I'm excited about my animation coming around the corner which will be playing at the new ELEMENENTS MCL movie theatre. MCL and Shaw Studios will be having an opening event for the theatre and the animation I Directed on Nov.22nd this Thursday. So - extremely excited about that. I'll be throwing up pictures on Friday from the event on my blog.

Ahh... Weekend is over now and time to get back to the drawing board. PeACE!!

Pat Lee

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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
You got quite a set of pipes on you! We should definitely do it again sometime. You and Wu Di should start a boy-band. I can be the sidekick who screens the hotties for your penthouse after-parties.
over 16 years ago
Photo 41406
Hey I found u !! that Karaoke night was awesome and i was really impressed by your voice =) Hope we'll meet again for another party Take care Loan
over 16 years ago
wow... nice pic u and me !!! yeah ... mark was right ... do u wanna make a boy band with me ??? haha .... ADI
about 16 years ago


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