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Dr.Schulze - Healing Naturally

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share a little information to those that want to heal themselves naturally instead of taking the typical type of prescribed pills out there without doing your research or perhaps you are tired of going to the Doctor's to get prescrīption drugs where you have NO IDEA what chemicals you are taking into your body. Well, for the past 3 years i have been following quite heavily on a Herbelist doctor named Dr. Schulze! You can find out more information about this guy on the below link. He has claimed that he has cured his patients with Cancer taking them out of the hospital and bringing him to his Clinic. These patients where told by their Doctors that they were not going to make past 2 weeks which after taking his program - they not only survived but cured themselves of the cancer cells. We need to seriously wake this world up! There are other methods of healing yourself other then chemicals or prescribed drugs folks - heal yourself naturally. Your body knows how to do it. It has been said that drugs such as AZT diagnosed for those who have HIV (which I think is not real either) is the reason to why people are dying and/or causing AIDS. Most people that take AZT have no idea what's in it - do the research. ;)

Check out this link on Dr.Schulze, it may change your life:


There is just so much information out there that the public is so unaware of and people just spent time studying themselves and doing the proper research, they would notice that things aren't the way they seem. Some may say," Pat your a looney bin!" Or "Pat, what the hell are you talking about." Everyone has there own opinion and I'm more then interested on your approach on this subject.

Anwyays - check out the link above, you might find it handy just checking out this information and finding newer or rather.. OLDER methods of healing your body then dumping a bunch of chemical tablets prescribed by some Doctor who may have been taught the only method of healing - Chemicals.

Just do me a favor - ask yourself, "Do I really know what is in this pill?" -- Before you take it. If your answer is no, I strongly suggest you research on your own and find out.

Stay safe and be healthy everyone!! Goodnight!

Pat Lee

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Pat, We are on the same page. I've written a few articles on alternative health. Most people don't believe it because they are programed to believe otherwise. But alternative medicine has been growing steadily and the medical institutions are getting scared shitless. This is why they want vitamins to even be prescribed by doctors. Lots more in this world, then meets the eye. Its the biggest conspiracy known to man. Why our own medical institutions are keeping us sick! H
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"Pat you are a looney bin!" ha, just kidding! I agree that people don't take an active enough role in understanding their own health situation and their treatment regimes, but likewise I'm VERY suspicious of using anecdotal evidence in place of scientific studies of efficacy. There are too many snake oil salesmen out there making a buck off of people with unproven claims (just look at some of the claims on some of these dietary supplements, or worse yet those magnet therapy things...) All they need to do is sound like they know what they're talking about and people believe it, even without any proof. Testing in a controlled environment using the scientific method is the ONLY way conclusions can be drawn about effectiveness... -Dr. Etchy
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Hi Pat Thank you so much for sharing this. I would like to find out more about this healing bcos a gd friend of mine has just diagnosed with stage 3 gastric cancer. I'm so desperate to help him ...... =( take care, Rozy ps thx for leaving me such lovely message in my page !
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