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Crazy Sound System @_@

Hey everyone,

Past few days I have been spending much of my time with the Shaw folks being introduced to their new sound board. Check out the pics below - crazy systems, I felt I was on the Star Trek Enterprise (lol!).

 @_@ Phew. Not much sleep, few hours here and there and finalizing a project for an MMOG in the US. I think we worked on over 100 designs in total - PHEW!! Also working on multiple side projects here and there with companies all over the world. Below - check out these pics. Dang, sux that I couldn't make it to the Diesel  Opening in HK... Was really hoping that I could have made it. For all those that went - I'm sure you guys had a blast!!

Pat Lee >_<


                      This machine costs more then 2 Lambourghini Diablos. @_@!!


                     Looks like something from the Matrix #_#


                    The sound stages are developed to be ultra ultra quite --_--

                    Unfortunately we could only view the animation through this monitor.

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wow cool. i'm looking forward to seeing (and hearing) the final thing. its impressive you are able to branch out into these new areas. keep it up.
over 16 years ago
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I would like to see it infront of me,, and touching it ~~ ENVY
over 16 years ago


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