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Cold Toronto - Pics

WOW it's really cold here in Toronto -

But loving every second of it. Nothing like spending Christmas holidays with family with snowfall on Christmas day. Lately been just working on some conceptual designs for a feature film handling Art Direction - yup working on Christmas day. Anyways, here are some pictures that I took while I have been in Toronto. Mostly hanging at Star Bucks working, writing and getting prepped up for 2008. Busy busy busy. Anyways, here are some recent pictures.


       One of my cars swamped in snow... No room in garage - I know hardy har!


                             Outside the house. Brrrr....


                                   Helping the kids get dressed to go to school. ;)


                       Oh my god this monitor is old school! My little working table.


        I actually use to have the same haircut as Astroboy when I was 16 years old.


      Me and my little neice Katelynne - she so adorable and has such character!


         My other little neice Rianna - man you've grown up!! Missed you so much!


        Super Caleb!! Look at the camera cutie!! He misses his mom :(


      This picture was taken by my 3 year old neice.

Well that's it for now folks. Off to Star Bucks with my brother and some close friends. Can't get enough of Star Bucks lately. Hope everyone enjoys there christmas break. Be safe and warm everyone. :)

Pat Lee

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doh, look at all that snow! sucks to be in Toronto! ps - I was wearing shorts yesterday! :-D
about 16 years ago
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Your two nieces are so cute! Enjoy your White Christmas... :)
about 16 years ago


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