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Busted drawing hand!! AarrGGg!! @_@

Ok... So, this blog is going to take forever cause IM trying to type with One hand and the hand that I barely usee. I was at a Karaoke today with all the And Boyz sorry Stephen, wish you were there. We we're celebrating Aimee Chan's birthday and I was heading to the washoom and some door knob Nailed my hand as I was abot to open the door and I just hear a crunch on my wrist. So, gotta head to the doctors tomorrow but I think it's gonna take a long time to heal - atleast a few weeks.

Anyways, if you stop by AImee Chan's blog DON"T FORGET!!! It's her birthday so please stop by her page and wish her a Happy B Day.

ARRGGG!!!!  cRap my hand hurts!!!! Anways, goodnight.

Pat Lee

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ah, the old 'wish some a happy birthday' april fool's joke... good one pat! ;-)
over 15 years ago
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haha, feel better!!!! :p
over 15 years ago


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