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Bape Concert Craziness!!


And Folks,

It has been one incredible week so far and thank goodness it's Friday. ;) There were a few cray events happening It's too bad I missed out on the Gallerie Event yesterday ( sorry boys, wish I could have made that one). Here's a picture with me and the boys from 24 Herbs and Thaitanium mid this week in Central:


Biggest event this week was the Bape Concert with Kanye West, NERD and the Teriyaki Boys. It was a pretty good crowd and everyone was pretty hyped up! Especially when Kanye West hit the stage. It was good to see some old and new friends there. Here is a short clip from the concert:


Here are some more pictures from the concert. We got some VIP passes, thanks to "SillyThing" and we were beside some REALLY powerful speakers!


                                               Race, Rosanne (2R), ROCKSTAR and me ;)


                                                          Teriyaki Boys jammin @_@


                             One of my old friends from T.O I haven't seen in awhile Monica Lo!


                                   NERD with a bunch of people in stage - Just craziness!!



                       Uhmm... I guess you can tell how crazy the concert was haha! LOL!! After the concert we all went to Mint Night Club where it was just too packed and could barely breath! Here are some pictures from that night:


         My wonder twin Patrick Lee, Van Ness!, Phil Martial Art Kingster and   myself ;)                    


                      At the end of the club was a tank with baby Sharks!! Pretty cool.


An hour in I hooked up with TK @ Milk Mag and his bro Juno. It was nice hanging out with the crew and spendin time with the animation crew. IVAN!!! I want my SIlly Thing burgers!!! (inside joke). After chilling with everyone it was time to hit home.

To finish the week I took my Uncle out to this Japanese Rest. called Tokio Joe's in Lam Gwye Fong! We had ALOT of food and my uncle was smilin the whole time with a happy stomache! 


 Hope everyone has a solid weekend and stay tuned till next week for more bloggin! PeaCe be with you all!


Pat Lee

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Photo 36468
busy busy busy week man! the concert looked awesome!
almost 16 years ago
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its going to take me like 3 weeks to get all my pics and video ready for posting...
almost 16 years ago
Photo 33405
looked like a happenin show~ it was good seeing u at the afterparty!
almost 16 years ago


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