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Apologize @ Garage Works (Video)

 And Folks,

So here's the story for today. I went to pick up a package at my friend's place @ Garage Works and our good friend Jian was strummin on the guitar so I decided to record it since she knew how to play Apologize by One Republic - my fav song. Here is a video of us having some fun! It's not the whole song but atleast we got a part of it haha! Next time were going to ask Van Ness and Andy to join haha! It was alot of fun though -- check it out:


Ok - that's enough entertainment for one day - back to business! >:)

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^_^... nice !!! i can't wait to go to KTV with u again !!!
over 15 years ago
Jian is wonderful. Nice job guys!
over 15 years ago
Photo 33405
You guys sound great! Let's hear more... :)
over 15 years ago
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She has incredible arms. I have too say though the guy working in the back with the loud tape really makes the video for me in that "Yeah - go on keep singing art boy, but someone's gotta make these shipments happen."
over 15 years ago
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cool man, I am going to get guitar lessons! i love singing, but I play the clarinet...one can't sing and play the clarinet simultaneously...^_^
over 15 years ago


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