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Hi, my name is Olivia.


My name is Olivia... I'm a singer, songwriter, actress, musician, and on alivenotdead, I plan to publish my free-verse writing.  Although I am supposed to be cramming for my history mid-term, I am here - posting my first blog entry on alivenotdead. Hehe... breaking the stereotype is fun. 

So here's a little introduction about me & my writing: Most of the pieces I post here will be pieces that have been ... marinating ... in my notebooks for years.  I do have new pieces, but they are usually handwritten, so they go into my notebook before they hit the internet.  The pieces are centered around my family, relationships, life, people, and rarely, myself.  Therefore, the pieces I write are extremely personal.  They are raw - very much unedited - they just express how I feel at the moment.  I call them "pieces" because I don't want to call them poems, songs, monologues, spoken word... because they're not.  They are just writings that I needed to jot down in order to express certain issues I was going through at the time.  At first, I was hesitant in deciding to publish my writing because I had written them for myself and only myself - they were written because I needed an outlet to express my anger / frustration / pain.  Most, if not, all the pieces are dark, sad, and gloomy, which is ironic since I am an overall pretty positive person.I look forward to sharing my works with members and visitors of alivenotdead, and I hope that I can connect with as many people as I can reach through my art.  And now, it is time to go back to reading about ancient civilizations.  Good night, love.- Olivia


Note: my alivenotdead profile is not intended to be flashy or glazed with caramel - it's just supposed to be real and raw... filled with substance and food for thought...

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welcome. i am looking forward to checking out more of your 'pieces'. ;-)
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will you be posting some music?
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