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It’s not easy to start a business, but you have the power to help this amazing young woman start hers.

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judgement and closed minds are detrimental to making the world a better place.

ask, axe, however you pronounce it... as long as i know what people are trying to communicate, i don’t care how they pronounce it.

you can be extremely intelligent, and pronounce “ask” as “axe”. there are many incredibly gifted people who don’t speak english at all.

let us learn new things, understand people, and open our minds to become better people.

This morning on @samandryanshow was quite an adventure with @bkr.vlogs & @barditoto! Didn’t get a photo with @tyohes & @berny.ortega, but they were there too 😂 . It was a party 🎉 .

keephustling #TeamOT #overtime #noexcuses #nosnoozebuttons @ Da Beat FM 93.9

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Music is food for the soul 💜

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[New California] Declares Itself 51st State, Intends to Separate from California

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thank you, Shay Pure Aloha for the amazing massage 💜💜💜 & only $150 for six sessions? yes. yes, please!

MORE INFO: http://shaypurealoha.com/6-45-min-shiatsu-massage-gift-card/

Did you know that the top CEOs in the world are some of the busiest people, and yet still manage to wake up at 4am, work out, AND take time out for relaxation every day?


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A sneak peek of my photo shoot with Dana Arnold Photography who was also the stylist for this shoot. The dress is from American Eagle Outfitters

I have all these scars on my legs because I was bit up by mosquitos on an impromptu hike last week. I wasn’t carrying any TerraShield, so we used commercial insect repellent full of chemicals and it didn’t even work. 🙄 Lesson learned. I will be carrying TerraShield at all times with me from now on.

lessonlearned #bigpursesrule #mompurse #americaneagle #luckywelivehawaii #luckywelivehi #808 #808allday #oliviat...Read more

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In case it really does happen, you CAN survive. Featured on Inside Edition

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This morning, I was livestreaming, and the livestream caught my real-time reaction to the false alert about the ballistic missile in Hawaii.

My reaction was featured on several news sources tonight.

I woke up at 5am on a Saturday (this morning) and started livestreaming early in the morning on Periscope. At 8:08am, I received the alert in the middle of my broadcast.

For all of the people who shared the 38 minutes of chaos in Hawaii before we confirmed that it was indeed a false alarm, I am so grateful that we are all fine.

After meeting...Read more

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Caught everything in the middle of my livestream. Oh, these moments.

We survived the fake news ballistic missile drill!! #apocalypsecrew 😂😂😂

WATCH THE FULL BROADCAST HERE 👉 https://www.pscp.tv/w/bSkeMzMxNDM5NzB8MXlwS2RORVJkWmdKVwY7SVEB4eSgtbtAXnm5AjL-gxEOrPJbtp1Sj_AnLoXa

POST FAKE NEWS BROADCAST HERE 👉 https://youtu.be/bfwALUjgcww

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August 22, 2007

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