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MODELING & THE WEIRD FEELINGS I ASSOCIATE WITH THAT WORD • I often hesitate when people ask me if I am a model or call me a model..... mainly because I don’t consider myself a model and I’m actually really awful at taking photos. However, it’s 2018, and Instagram is the most used social media platform of our time, so I better get better at this “modeling” situation. Instagram is not a music platform... as much as I try to turn my own page into one. ??‍♀️ • So I’ve learned to embrace photo shoots. This one in particular was one that I always thought would be really cool. The next few posts will feature a series of photos taken at Kaka’ako’s Pow! Wow! The mural in the background of this shot is by @dakine.dak1ne & Rob Piña from @redvisualmagazine was the photographer & I am the... model ? featuring these cool purple shades from @dionspecs • With that being said, I always hesitate when I use the word “model” because it just doesn’t feel right for me to label myself as one when I don’t have the skill set or dedication. It’s a skill that I haven’t quite mastered. I have a lot of respect for the people who have invested time into learning how to pose, how to do their hair, how to do their make up, how to style shoots, committing to diet plans and exercise, etc. I haven’t done any of that, but what can I say? Y’alls like when I do photo shoots. Give the people what they want. • Oh, also, these sunnies are AMAZING. ? • SUNNIES | @dionspecs ? ? ?

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