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The crazy times

At some point every year it goes bananas It's just how it works - you can spend months just clicking your heels.... waiting for work. And then all of a sudden everyone, EVERYONE wants to book you at the same time.You'll go through period where your feet won't touch the ground.... that's where I am now.I'll do what I can to keep you updated... but I can barely keep up myself.What's happening right now is I'm in production for a cool new show for Discovery Kids (I can't tell you the name - yet) Where I get to be a mentor. What's really awesome is I get to shoot with one of my Collective (www.thecollective-asia.com) buddies Mohini Sule - who is so talented it is SCARY.I'm also shooting a one-off special for AXN that is for charity and really... awesome. We're gonna get to do something worthwhile. And it must be my age, but suddenly I'm sitting here wondering whether I've done anything to help the world... and what I can do to do more. It happens to us all eventually I think.I'm not done yet though, I'm also soon off to shoot a pilot for a potential new show, making an appearance on ANOTHER show AND trying to start a new company (more on that soon)I've also had ANOTHER new cover come out (for Home + Living in Singapore), I appear BUTT NAKED in Cosmo Singapore tomorrow, I have a shoot for Esquire SIngapore set up in a few weeks and I just shot the January cover of Men's Folio in Malaysia... keep an eye out for them!It really makes a difference working with positive, talented people. Even the most laborious or intense shoot day becomes such a pleasure. I've been so lucky in my life to be blessed with this in just about every production.It's all about keeping the toxic people out of your orbit. Not just in work, but in life.Surround yourself with the positive people, and you'll fill your life with positivity. You may have known these people for years, but sometimes you just need to cut out the cancer. It's liberating ... trust me.I'll be back in with reports soon... plus a behind the scenes video from a special trip next week.Here's the current Home + Living cover with my gorgeous wife Linda

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