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The New Goal

Wassup people. Sorry It's been a little quiet on the Oli Front.Been finishing off the last few days/weeks of work for 2012. Just 2 more days to go and it's time to chill out.Well.... at least it WOULD be time to chill out... except I had a call from the lovely people at Men's Health...Every Year they hold this insanity called the URBANATHALONhttp://urbanathlon2013.menshealth.com.sg/Think like a 12-14 KM race... with a good 9 or so OBSTACLES to face... like swimming through a mud pool, carry a 20lb Sand Bag, Monkey Bars etc etcThey...Read more

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What a couple of weeks

The last few weeks have been a level of insanity that it's been almost hard to cope. With trips to Thailand, Indonesia and India my feet have barely touched the floor.For those of you that follow my Twitter and FB (@oli_pettigrew and www.facebook.com/theofficialolipettigrew) - then you would have seen the crazy pics.Linda and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Intercontinental Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort in Koh Samui.It was SO beautiful- It was a ...Read more

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The crazy times

At some point every year it goes bananas It's just how it works - you can spend months just clicking your heels.... waiting for work. And then all of a sudden everyone, EVERYONE wants to book you at the same time.You'll go through period where your feet won't touch the ground.... that's where I am now.I'll do what I can to keep you updated... but I can barely keep up myself.What's happening right now is I'm in production for a cool new show for Discovery Kids (I can't tell you the name - yet) Where I get to be ...Read more

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The Return Of Oli Pettigrew

Okay, It's been far too long - I could give you a whole host of excuses but I've just been lazy.I was distracted by the wonders of Twitter and Instagram - and of course when I say 'wonders' what I actually mean is it takes me 3 seconds to use them.But i've decided that I need to start blogging again... to share info, experiences and trips abroad.So I'm back people..... it's Oli V2.0 - in more ways than one:-Read more

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The Busy life continues

Wassup y'all, I've been off the radar recently again due to working my butt off. I just got back from a 22 day shoot in China to finish off Lonely Planet's Six Degrees for Discovery - Shanghai, Nanjing and Chengdu - I had a great time and did some truly weird stuff! If you want to see some behind the scenes footage check out my profile on MODIZO.COM - all my vids are FREE to watch, so Enjoy!Sony Style Season 5 started shooting this week - and I'm heading off overseas with them to BALI next week, PLUS I heard I whisper ...Read more

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The New Men's Health Shots

Got my hands on the new shots from DECEMBER'S Men's Health Singapore I know I haven't been blogging recently - fortunately it's due to being ridiculously busy - catch me next month hosting MISS EARTH ;)Read more

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My Open Letter of Complaint to DELTA AIRLINES

Dear united airlines,

I feel compelled to e mail you on the truly astounding level of customer service that we received on flight 281 from Narita to Singapore on the 13th July 2010.

I have always flown Northwest Airlines to the US via Japan, and I must admit they were left wanting. The only relief I ever had was that the plane to Japan was relatively new, and the staff onboard for the Japan leg was professional and courteous.... We won' t even mention the US leg.

However, I have not fl...Read more

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2 months, 5 shows, 4 Networks, 10lbs

HI EVERYONE!!! Yes, I know... I have been invisible for months and months... but for good reason... well, okay... kinda a good reason combined with just being lazy... but in my defense, for the last 2 months I have barely even seen my family, let alone had time to blog.It's been a great few months for the Pettigrew family (including my wife Linda Black)... It seems that this year is our year, and a whole bunch of great projects came our way and made us busy-bee world traveling hosting junkies.Outside of shooting Sony ...Read more

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The fun continues

Hey everyone - a quick drop in to say Hello! Just back from Tokyo and Kyoto... getting ready for Ho Chi Minh in a couple of days and then Tokyo again... It's pure insane awesomeness...I have hundreds of photos and I'll get them up once things begin to slow down a little bit.In a my downtime I try to update my facebook fan page - and my new Twitter account (oli_pettigrew). So if you want to see what I'm up to as a trek the globe... check it out there!Thanks for supporting the new season of Sony Style - you guys rock

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Things are kicking off again

Hi there everyone.  I know it's been a quiet few months from me, and I apologise for that. I took a bit of a hiatus from everything after I broke my foot. In my line of work the end of the year and the beginning of the next is always a quiet time. So I took a few months off and did absolutely NOTHING. It was great. I ate what I wanted, rarely went to the gym, relaxed and spent time with family and friends. I did all this because I knew... I just KNEW that 2010 was going to be busy. But to be honest I had no clue it would be T...Read more

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