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Adidas and Mumbai

Alright there peeps, I've finally finished the crazy schedule of overseas shoots for Sony Style, though I have to be honest - it was awesome fun, I got to meet some great people... but then again the 5 star hotels and restaurants certainly didn't hurt.Before I legged it off to Mumbai I had the distinct honour of hosting Adidas's 60th birthday bash in Singapore (which featured Edison Chens blink and you'd miss it paparazzi scrum).The party was awesome fun, though I wish I wasn't so knackered from Taipei to enjoy it! The really cool bit is as an extra thank you they hooked me up with a whole pile of clothes, jeans and shoes. So THANKS ADIDAS![](/attachments/2009/03/373398_200903141126441.thumb.jpg)After a whole 2 minutes of rest it was off to Mumbai. Which was nothing but surprise after surprise.I got to live it up in 2 CRAZY cool hotels:-As well as meeting some really cool people.The amazingly talented Shaa'ir and Func (Monica and Randolph) who were a GREAT interview and who can now count me as a huge fan of their music.... their 3rd album comes out later this year, so check it out!!![](/attachments/2009/03/373398_200903141130186.thumb.jpg)Not only that, but I got to chat with the lovely Sarah-Jane Dias (Miss India 2007) who was hysterical fun, and fantastically blunt - loved it![](/attachments/2009/03/373398_200903141130185.thumb.jpg)Other than that I got to really enjoy checking out the sites in and around Mumbai as we shot outside... but it was an absolute SCORCHER... so my amazing alabaster skin bubbled away and I had to go all desert style... What a wally.To send you off, a wee look at Sony Style season 3.... this was a fun day at work:-Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0rDxQyNTzo

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Yo man was good meeting ya at the party! lol... still remember they had us dancing for like what it seemed forever on stage with them hot ass spotlights... anyways good to see you on AnD! hope all is good in sg. right now im in taiwan, and kinda miss SG... lol dont know why but i do. haha
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