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get 'Lost'

just finished watching the season finale of 'LOST' season 5. most of the people are feeling tired with american series, since they just keep going with a season to another season. like the prison break, they got out of the prison and get back and get out. well, Lost is now in the 5th season, and I still have so much passion on it.

it's a great story. it used 3 seasons to ask questions, made a huge database. everything happened for a reason? what reason? and at season 4 and 5, it started to answer. many people quited on the first few seasons, since they got too lost, couldn't be brother if this was going to be the same. god bless, it finally answered! and the answer is not just shitty answer. its great concept plus the way it presents, showing 'LOST' to be such an intelligence series. they planned it to be 6 seasons, so the contents are essential for every season.

it's the best tv series I had ever watched, my passion never go down even some episodes were really frustrating. becasue of one word, curiosity. it made you keep thinking, giving passion to you. that's why, sometimes I think, in the other way, Lost get me so lost, but getting lost is not that bad, it makes you think, gives you passions, makes you find the way, it leads you to the turth. so is life. but of course, it needs hard works. oh no! we need to wait until feb in 2010 for season 6, and season 6 is the final season, i am so worried about not getting lost soon.

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i think i should catch up the session 5 when i finish my book. And u sure they it only have 6 session? ha...
almost 12 years ago
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well put Nigel! I totally feel what u saying here. I have 2 more episodes for this season & can't wait to watch them! I love the way the story is told & how it unfolds... Chat to u about it when I see u next!!!
almost 12 years ago
At the end of last season, the 4th season, they said there would be one more season. I didn't know about season 6 till last night when I watched the season finale. Ugh!
almost 12 years ago
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you guys please watch the season finale, you will know what you want!
almost 12 years ago
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i'm waiting til its all done... no more torturing myself....
almost 12 years ago
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yes, only 6 seasons
almost 12 years ago
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it's definately torturing. but in a inspiring way(for me). even you know it's a trap, you will still go! hehe.
almost 12 years ago
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I Lik <lost> this kind of movie..hidden secret inside waiting u find out the anw..cheers
almost 12 years ago
i love it !!!
almost 12 years ago


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