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SMILE! Let’s rock 2011 Bunny Year! 笑一個,超級2011我們來了

nadia as bunny 259x300 SMILE! Lets rock 2011 Bunny Year! 笑一個,超級2011我們來了Nadia as a bunny

Hey Friends all around the world! 你好來自世界各地的朋友!

Happy 2011 & Happy Bunny Year & Happy Valentines Day! I know this is kind of late but I’m out here in Los Angeles, California going on my personal and creative journey of growth.


During these weeks, months of reflection, I look back on exactly a year ago and where I was. A year ago, I was training to be the next co-host of TLC’s “Fun Taiwan,” up in the freezing LaLa mountains of Taoyuan.


IMG 0062 225x300 SMILE! Lets rock 2011 Bunny Year! 笑一個,超級2011我們來了nadia in lala mountains (2010)

Thus began my awesome, crazy, dynamic, colorful and life-changing year.   The highs were super high and the lows were super low and my emotional, physical, mental and spiritual thresholds were broken again and again.  And I broke until I found my core.

於是開始了我瘋狂的,充滿活力,多姿多彩和改變生命的一年。超高的高點和極低的低點 ,我的情緒,身體,心理和精神上的極限被打破了一次又一次。直到找到我的核心。

A year later, I’m here in Lala-landof Hollywood.


IMG 1706 225x300 SMILE! Lets rock 2011 Bunny Year! 笑一個,超級2011我們來了nadia in hollywood hill (2011)

…My 2 weeks vacation turned into a month of creative and personal growth, rich with humbling life lessons, like forgiveness, patience, love, friendship, truth, empowerment, and discipline.  But the biggest lesson of all is how to let go.  We can plan and plan life as we think we want it but life happens.  To let go of our failures, pains and expectations is to allow in the sweetest surprises life has to offer.  I mean, never did I plan to be a travel host on Discovery Channel learning so much from my island and its people. Never did I plan to meet the amazing people that has crossed my path, nor did I plan to have the extraordinary events that have occurred, nor did I plan to become the person I am today. ..

我 2週的假期演變成了一個月的個人增長之旅,旅行途中充滿著豐富的生活體驗,像寬恕,耐心,愛,友誼,真理,權力和紀律。但我最大的體會就是學會懂得如何放 手。對於我們的生活我們可以以我們想要的規劃下去,但終究會發生的還是會發生。我從來沒有打算成為一個旅遊頻道主持人,可以從自己的土地及其人民學習到這 麼多。我從來沒有計劃在我生命旅途中遇見這麼多美妙的人,更也沒有計劃讓非比尋常的事件發生,也沒有計劃,成為今天的我.

So with an open heart, I arrived to Los Angeles, with only the intentions of spiritual and creative growth.  While it is so exciting to be on TV and recognized from time to time, what truly fulfills me is the love I have for the craft and the journey it takes me on.  Most of all, I hope that I can continue to inspire people through example of just following your dream with courage and blind passion.

因此,以寬廣的心胸,我來到了洛杉磯,只為了尋求有靈性及創造性的發展。. 雖然上電視及讓人認出的確很讓人振奮,但真的讓我滿足的是我對即將踏上的旅途所擁有的愛,最重要的是,我希望我能以努力追尋夢想及擁有熱情當作範例來繼續的激勵人們。

Welcome to my Blog and it’s my intention it will breed love, happiness, laughter, light and hope.  Don’t worry, there will be silly V-logs of behind the scenes, and my adventures- I won’t always be this serious. Haha.  But I am serious about subscribing to my blog.  :)   Just plug in your email in my homepage or Click here to stay connected to me.

歡迎來到我的部落格,我的用意是用它來滋生愛情,幸福,歡笑,光明和希望。 別擔心,將會有幕後好笑的錄影及我的冒險… 我不會永遠是這樣認真。哈哈哈。但我認真對待我的部落格。:)只要在我的網頁輸入你的電子郵件或者是 按這邊與我保持聯繫.

In the meantime… SMILE (it makes you really attractive.)



Nadia 瑀希

IMG 0974 220x300 SMILE! Lets rock 2011 Bunny Year! 笑一個,超級2011我們來了Nadia passes you a SMILE!

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thanks for the update. Your year has definitely been interesting! let's also keep things in perspective, no matter how low the lows feel, the fact that you're healthy and doing something you love means any temporary setbacks are not worth feeling bad about in the long run!
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over 12 years ago
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Is that bunny? (^_^)
over 12 years ago
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yo pocahaha
over 12 years ago


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