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Two days in and 20% there! If you have a tenner and you can help us put cool art on dreary walls, plus are interested in some cheeky little rewards, please send it our way. www.pozible.com/MGdenpasar

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AND WE ARE OFF! Our final crowd funding campaign for the year launched seconds ago and we are already 1/10th of the way there!


PLEASE lend us a hand to get great art to great people who deserve for their life to be filled with colour, wonder and curiosity for a couple of weeks:)

We have some really great goodies to thank you so please pick an amount you can afford, make it a little more, suck that lemon and lend us a micro hand!Read more

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And that's how ya parent, people.

Thanks for the pic Dominic Rivers

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Support these guys. Great creative project to make some amazing positive change for people who REALLY need it.

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Clearly and plainly an unnatural environment for creatures.

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If you use Spotify seriously consider the implications of their new Privacy Policy which is invasive and outrageous to say the least. Plenty of other great providers to check out who don't want to take your photos, contacts, birthdates, email addresses etc.

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Now here's some bloody news!

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"What it effectively means is that we're going to have taxation officials travel around the world and visiting these companies and asking them to register for GST purposes." It's also the first time a job at the ATO could be considered good. Not the first time our government proves that complete baboons are in power.

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This one goes out to you Sam Gilbergreer.

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Just putting it out there that no one has confirmed it is Banksy behind Dismaland and yet SO MANY OUTLETS are reporting as if it has been confirmed. #qualityjournalism

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