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Show your support for Adam Goodes by reporting this disgusting page to Facebook.


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Bishop will keep her job and Goodes will be forced out. Women being raped in Manus due to a government-sanctioned system. Clean technology is being banned and mining and fracking supported. Dark days for Australia.

God- the least we could all do is buy every available ticket to the next Swans game and cheer Goodes like the heavens are about to fall upon us.

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Now here's a good use of your time. Go #greenpeace! Protecting what most people don't know or even car about!

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This one goes out to our revered leader, Tony Abbott.

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Jacquelaine Guy and Douglas Macpherson I can hear Mr Tumnus...

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Australia- this is what our Government is endorsing. Not just Liberal but also Labor Party.


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I think this will be the strangest thing I see today.

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I'm hearin' ya.

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