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A BRILLIANT infographic on why putting a price on carbon could really fix some shit.

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A fantastic creative initiative looking at Domestic Helpers in HK - particularly those who have left their children behind to raise someone else's.

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This dude

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Know this little dude?

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Rebecca Carroll Nielsen this one goes out to you!

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I woke up today and the Abbott Government has pulled investments from solar panels, banned the Clean Energy Finance Corporation from investing in wind power and given permission for a Chinese-owned mining company to mine on the Liverpool Plain - sometimes referred to as the Food Bowl of Australia. WHAT!?

Not hard to draw a few conclusions about who is profiting here and Aboott's agenda.

How is there no formal enquiry into this? Tanya Plibersek, Penny Wong - Senator for SA, Australian Labor Party????

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A white, privileged male previously responsible for assisting in running Australia referred to some Aboriginal women on welfare as 'cash cows' and was unable to provide any information or insight into why they are making up nearly 20 percent of Destroy the Joint's "Counting Dead Women" toll despite only making up about 2.7% percent of the female population. #thisisaustralia

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This is 100% accurate

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