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Peter Cook this was so you in dance class wasn't it.

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Seriously- there is NO ONE THERE! Honestly what are politicians paid for!?!?

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Modern day slavery and discrimination. This shit is real and institutionalised. #onlyinhk #andvariousothercountries

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Yeah, well no one else has.

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Anyone out there know a lot about projectors? Help required...

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"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." Oh Oscar Wilde. Tick.

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I DID IT! After more than 5 years in HK I finally managed to get in and sit through 3 hours (in Cantonese) explaining how to use the 4 pieces of equipment in the gym. I also passed the exam at the end. Two Cantonese-speaking people did not. Hmm. #winnersandlosers #onlyinhk

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For some reason Karena Thomas all I am hear is you saying this:)

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ANNOUNCEMENT + CALL OUT! Micro Galleries is super excited to announce the beginning of a beautiful friendship:)

MG is hooking up with the international initiative Slideluck! We are launching our Micro Slideluck project in Denpasar and on the hunt for local Indonesian artists to submit work.

Due 15 September.

Check out: http://slideluck.com/call-for-entries-slideluck-micro-galleries-denpasar/

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I wish the world had more people like him.

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