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I had such a great inspiring and motivating experience at @yanismarshall workshop in #taiwan. Thank you for the recharge! As you can see I was so excited I felt like a little kid on Christmas! #fitness #dance #jazzfunk #heels #danceworkshop #dancefitness #dancelife #dancer #danceclass #dancedancedance

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Wow! So cool!

Eddie VillanuevaJennifer Yuan MartinMichelle O'BrienOlivia ChenAmuer CalderonJoshua James Aquino PagtalunanRoss KwanRachel SolomonsBo Young Kwon

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Sharing this thought with my close friends and family. Sending my love to you wherever you may be!

Harry YuanJennifer Yuan MartinLi Qi EugShirleen WongPei Pei ChengDavid Yip-Shing ChengPeta LouiseMelinda HickinTimothy William ChengMichelle O'BrienOlivia ChenEddie VillanuevaRachel SolomonsRick LauRoss KwanMotoko SakashitaKaren YuMartin KuLawrence KuAnna PrzeplaskoTracie AngBo Young KwonNoy MingkalabaLolo NoyEa Nitsche HolmMoriba Dioubaté

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8 yrs later they are almost the same height as me!

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Wow! These little girls have grown in the last 8 years. They were so cute when they were little and now they've both become beautiful little ladies.

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In rehearsals for this show coming up in July! Trying my best to sing during this nasty flu!!!! It WILL be gone by showtime! Get your tickets soon!

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Gave in to the western medicine after no changes in one wk of natural remedies...???? it's like a buffet of drugs! Supposedly not serious...I wonder how much I'd have to take I it was serious!

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Wow! This was 5 yrs ago? It's time to do this again!!! Miss you ladies! Let's catch up soon!

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Another day in bed??? to my students, I'm sorry but I won't see you till next Sunday! LeuLeung Mei FungEsther GonzagaMaggie LukCynthia LeeYvonne HungEllen OrSarah Shum

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Fighting some sort of flu today...sorry to my students, I will not be teaching today at 3:50pm and I also will not be performing tonight! I hope to be better tomorrow to teach! Good night!

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