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Here's a poem that I wrote on the plane



The rush of fresh new beginnings brings a restlessness that is

knocking at my door,

As impatience takes over me I await with anxiety for each day to mark

the end of my past and the passageway to more.

I dream of a world that will give me hope and a place that will teach

me to love who I've become,

A time for me to grow, to explore, to take risks in life, and break

away from feeling so numb.

I find myself searching for more, asking God to steer me towards His direction,

I know what to do because my heart is yearning for the change and it's

pulling me forward with great tension.

Inspiration devours me eating away all of the negative discouragement

I've felt for so long,

Frustration dissipates into the smog and peace sings an unforgettable song.

I'm ready now to discover a new life and to read the next chapter it

will bring,

I embrace the challenges that are approaching me and surrender to the

passion that controls me when I sing.

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And you will thrive girl! Keep moving forward with you dreams and stay open to all the possibilities before you!
about 17 years ago


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