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as of late, I'm rolling into the world of photography and I'm enjoying myself greatly.

I like making studies of people and snap the picture preferably when they don't notice.

I do still need a lot of practice, but as you see, I'm getting to that :)

I hope at least some of the following pictures will please you

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Happy Samhain!

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Application to the Evil League of Evil (edit: picture)

Hi all, I don't know how many of you know and are as mad about Dr. Horrible as me and some others (as testifies this video) but ...

you know, I'll start at the beginning: two weeks ago the makers of 'Dr Horrible' issued a contest. The Evil League of Evil was recruting and people Evil enough to join should send in their applications ( Read more

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Recount of the Reiki shoot!

Ok, so, Reiki.On popular request I’m not getting away without at least some recount of this absolutely crazy production. As indeed, I promised before the shoot started and I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to write/post.

Now, let’s see how it all began…

It all began without planning. That’s what stands most clearly in mind lol. So on Friday evening we set out a small set that would be...Read more

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I'm sorry my friends. I know I've been rather absent, but on the bright side, this means I have at least some form of 'work' and am kept ways too busy lol!

Thank you all who left me notes... I do still plan on getting back to you as soon as I have some extra time on my hands! Also I didn't forget I promised you a report of sorts of the Reiki shoot, so that's coming up as well, eventually... Sorry Emmanuel! It's coming!

Missing you all loads and I wish I could have my AnD family over for my birthday... one day,...Read more

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"I survived Reiki" (I'm making that into a T-shirt one day!)

Reiki the Movie  (this you shall not see in the movie though, this was me trying to bite a piece out of Martinbehind the scenes)... yes, me. Acting. That&#...Read more

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Kick-off Reiki

Ok darlings, the next ten days I'll be held hostage by Pedro and the Reiki -gang... I'll post the whole nine yards when the shoot's done, pictures and behind the scene's folly included :)

As for now, I'm off to prepare the house for the impending invasion :)



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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

I'm blaming my latest addiction on Pedro who got me hooked last time I was over.

Docter Horrible's sing along blog is one of the best and most funny 'video-blogs' I have ever come across. For some reason it reminds me vaguely of Monty Pyth...Read more

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Olympics: handshake for Tibet

This is an e-mail I received today and I decided to share it with you. Let's all shake a hand for the Tibetan people


Dear friends,

The Dalai Lama's Olympic handshake is circling the world, headed for Beijing. Click below to see more and join the call for dialogue!


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Finally home, finally kicking back, Amy McDonald’s ‘poison prince’ and  ‘this is the life’ on repeat. I’m not moving anymore tonight. Not. An. Inch.

Home. blissful sigh

But I’m repeating myself.


So… I’ve been super busy as you’re all aware I’m guessing. Anyways, there is promise of at least a few days rest with absolutely nothing what so ever to do. I’ll enjoy these next few days.

Also I’ll be preparing the feature Reiki with Pedro so it’ll look absolutely stunning!

As for what I have been do...Read more

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"The unreal is more powerful than the real. Because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. Because its only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fant

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