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love.nolove - a shortfilm

so here's a trailer of a belgian shortfilm (love.nolove) we wrapped a few weekends ago...

(it's in dutch)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzNe4cO6xmw (I was camera and cinematorgapher)

I am still waiting for the pictures, I'll put some up when I get them!

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Blog: Monday, May 26

Hi all,

as I'm official now (thank you AnD crew!) I decided that it might be time to share some more images of work I did as cinematographer... Hope you'll like it.

"The Blessing of Henry Mullin" teaser. It's a shortfilm about war, perseverance and perception, (featuring AnD member Martin Swabey in one of the lead roles).

hmm, can't seem to get it embedded.. you can find it here:

www.mathieudepyudt.com > ENTER > PR...Read more

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And Death shall have no dominion...

So many people these days, whether it's after the disaster in China, the wars everywere or just the natural way of things, are confronted with loss... Too many people... and my heart aches for them.

I have known some losses in my life, I have known sadness and despair with or without reason or form. I am not used talking about these things as I'm one to bottle things up, keep them and guard them, but in the shadow of so many losses there is something I would like to share with you all.

There are so...Read more

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Reiki - pics by yours truly

ok, it has been delayed long enough...

Here are some pictures of Reiki - fighting rehersals...

May I have the honour to introduce to  you the actors...

They're armed,


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Some rest... of sorts.

One project finally finished, another one comes knocking already.

We are done shooting Christmas in Paris. And I don't mind saying, I'm glad it's over. (And that's almost a direct quote from our director.) The shoot was hard. Well, in a way each shoot's a trial, but there's that, there's 'lost in la mancha' for those who have seen it, and somewhere very close to the last was this film.

Long days and too little sleep make even me grumpy ;) But that said and aside, I had a great time a...Read more

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Blog: Saturday, Mar 8

Since the 25th of february the recordings for the Belgian film 'christmas in paris' (http://www.christmasinparis.be/) started. I'm working on set as 2nd assistent camera/video assist.

The shoot ends around the fourth of april, so I'll be combining the shooting of Pedro Chavez' "Reiki" (which will be shot on sundays in the next month or so) and CiP. It's been great fun up until now, a bit chaotic, but isn't it always?

As ...Read more

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The Blessing of Henry Mullin

On another note, the shortfilm with which I graduated last year was selected for the BIFFF and it will also be aired several times on Propellor TV (from Sky), channel 195. So if you have the chance, check it out and feel free to comment back to me.

For a trailer of the film check www.mathieudepuydt.com and you can also preorder the dvd there should you be that terribly enthousiastic smiles

On this site you will find two more trailers of projects ...Read more

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A bit of conceptual art I made for the sword design for the feature Reiki. I'm no real good at drawing but this didn't turn out too horrible and it gets the mood I intended across. I hope ;)

It's aptly called 'Despair'

The scan came out a bit darker then the original, but it fits the mood.

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This is a new project with the same crew from 'The Mirror', this time we'll be making a low budget feature with martial arts, undead villans and witches. And it promises to be good times all around.

More info about this feature @


Go, look, join, help us make it a great movie! Because this time, you really can make a difference in the story!

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Edinburgh - Scotland

I've been gone the last few days to visit a friend of mine in Ireland. She's the sweetest person and as a well planned and kept surprise she dragged me along for the day to Edinburgh, where she was born and gave me a grand tour. As far as cities go, I actually like Edinburgh, as it is a rather old and even midevil looking city.

The first thing I saw upon entering Edinburgh was the vast keep in the centre of the city, looking down upon it  from the remnants of an ancient vulcano.

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