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Reiki at EFF: Final Act

So for the final instalment of the Reiki gang scaring innocent bystanders at the Elf Fantasy Festival in Holland... Even though there isn't really a lot more to tell other then that we had a great time.

Seeing as how Pedro and Annelien had been behind the stand most of the day while the rest of us went here and there going 'ohh' and 'ahh' seeing all the wicked things about, I offered to relieve them and kicked them out into the perrils of the festival itself.

Also as I made Annelien madly jealous when I told her about the cotton candy I'd had earlier... I think I was yay high when I had that last... and if even goths like sweets... How could I resist.

DY, for you; a picture of FOOD! lol

And it was good! (bit big though... even if I only got the kiddie seize.)

Thus, having sent them off, I admired Reni's posters again... and again. Told few people a bit more about the project, but granted, not many people really stopped to ask questions and so yours truly was soon distracted by the people walking past...

Well, I suppose I should be honest, he wasn't really walking past, he'd been standing in exactly the same spot for the entire afternoon, posing and having pictures taken with people who just couldn't resist.

But from our little stand, I had a good view and I do hope I didn't scare people away from asking me questions, snapping them lol

Still, I was by far not the scariest creature about...

Ring Wraith!! (a shot of the horse at least ;)

Raven Boy

I had passed this guy several times today, and he was always pulling a prisoner around.

I really like the look of determination on his face here. And the make up.

look at the perspective in this one... the ladies are straight up, the tree one way and the ground another ;)

A bijin who was checking out Reni's art!

More goth ladies

The Horned Goddess

and profile

And this lady caught my eye... I loved her look! And the eyes! Damn those lenses! They really seemed to glow...


and at this tolkienesque event with angels, queens and demons there was a very ... very lonely trooper...

A family of Elves

Below a jolly band. I was taking pictures most inconspicuously (with my tele lens) when the guy grinning in the back yelled the company to a halt and had them all pose for me!

I didn't have the heart to tell him I couldn't possibly fit everyone on the photo with that lens and didn't want to keep the whole gang waiting for me to change 'em laughs so I just took a picture of him and whom fitted the frame...

(there was a laugh for me, but great guys! and good music!)

So by this time the fair was nearly closing and everyone returned.

Here's the proud director again

and the happy gang (Annelien has this amazing skill of going poof whenever there's a group picture taken. I do believe at this point she was hiding under the table. lol j/k)

Then we packed up and left but there's no leaving with these guys without ... well a cunning plot where I was a part of. They're going to have to pay me for playing my role in the future, and my price will not come cheap insert Evil Laughter lol

I'll leave you to guess their Evil Masterplan!

Granted, he looks cute instead of cunning, and the two of them were indeed adorable.

Here's member nr 2 of the cunning plot

So ladies, can you gues!?

If you want to know about the second day, you'll have to ask the others as saturday evening there was the production party of 'Life is an Art' (produced by Rik ) so Cela, Annelien and me who worked on that movie went to celebrate, leaving Pedro in his fancy hotel enjoying the sauna. ;)

Anyway, the party was incredible though I really felt like it didn't last long enough by far, even though I was one of the last to turn in... I didn't get to talk with everyone :(

But great times none the less! Rik even organised our own little Oscar moment!! Did the honours and then recieved some well deserved ones back.

In the morning, Annelien and Cela went back to the festival to support Pedro while I stayed with Rik. We pooled a bit (he has his own pool table, I've not played in years and I whooped his ass lol ) Anyway, we relaxed a bit waiting for Errol, the editor of Life is an Art and then did the grading of the awesome teaser that's going to be shown at Cannes!

Rock on!

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I don't think this person will lend money to other people easily.
about 15 years ago
this guy is familiar..... seems I saw him on BBC news before..... something about the terror killing the hostage.
about 15 years ago
Photo 45002
poor stormtrooper!
about 15 years ago
Photo 31454
oh my godess!
about 15 years ago
Photo 31454
nice photo!
about 15 years ago
Photo 31454
about 15 years ago
Photo 34128
Those Imperial forces get around.
about 15 years ago
Photo 34128
Looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing the photos.
about 15 years ago


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