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Promise to a dear friend...

So, yesterday I promised ReniI would upload some more of my work... So, armed and dangerous I left the house this morning to make some pictures...

I knew where I was headed. Yesterday, working in back of the garden, I had discovered two beautiful nests with eggs in them and since they tend not to run off, I would brave the twittering birds and immortalize their brood to be...

Of course, when I'm holding a camera, the road from point A (being to point of origin of the camera) to point B (the nests) is never a straight line...

Also... there was one I had to get rid off...

Eye see you, nestlings...

all owners of cats know this look...

we call it politely the 'Feed Me' look.

She wasn't leaving me, so on we went... (I knew myself well enough to know I wouldn't get to my destination soon so I still had time to bore the life out of her)

Some impressions:

old rope

life in the weeds

flowering nature

small Depth of Field

And lo and behold... Me... and my cat Musa... had finally made it to the back of the garden!

And as expected, the nest was right where I left it :)

well hidden and really small. The eggs weren't much bigger then the red berries on the bush

Now for the other nest... I snuck up to it only to find I was being watched intently...

(no, not by the cat)

She didn't move as I approached but in the end I did came too close and she / he flew away. Deciding to take a snap shot of the inside of the nest I discovered something that I knew was bound to happen, but I hadn't dare hope it would have happened already...

Yesterday's eggs ...

were eggs no more!

I nearly squeeled! Nearly.

baby birds look horrible, but I can't help thinking they're adorable!!


They're very tired too ...

Night night and sweet dreams!

hope you all enjoyed the journey from A to B !!

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Img 6964
amazing nature!!!! thanks for capturing them!!!
almost 16 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Great photography, and I like the story you wove around the pictures.
almost 16 years ago
so did you feed her Sis?
almost 16 years ago
Sis, as I say, if Anton is my most favourite male photographer, you are the female one to me!
almost 16 years ago
oh hell! I love this!
almost 16 years ago
did Musa try to approach?
almost 16 years ago
Life is so amazing..... after seeing this photo, I don't want to give up my belief ^_^
almost 16 years ago
Hey Sis, thank you so much to doing this for me. I really enjoy these photos, very very very nice!!!! And can you send the old rope photos and flower nature photos to me through email? Coz I want to make it as my wall paper~
almost 16 years ago


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