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When people say "you people!"

You know someone once told me he hated Christianity because he said Christians are a bunch of self righteous, idiotic backbiting hypocrites and he also asked me to trace back to the days where the Church and Catholicism were linked to corruption.

Wow. It was a lot to hear such things, but not a lot of shock.

I remember I said with a smile that he was referring everything he said to "Christians" but what about Christ? I had asked.

"You people represent the religion. It is bad bad bad. You people preach this and that and say bla bla bla have to be so good but then why do you still go around doing evil?"

I was slightly perturbed. Why did "you people" become collective? And why did black sheep represent all sheep and at the same time the Shepherd? All sheep need the Shepherd, good or bad.

" Anyway it doesn't matter. All you Christians dramatize everything to a point it is sickening. I believe my destiny is in my hands. You people just need to believe in something great to make yourselves feel better."

Well, we can never shove things down people's throats. But there are times when humans get lost. In those times, does it mean our destinies are then slightly messed up, since we did not control them well? Afterall they were in our hands????

Anyway, Christ was sacrificed on the cross after being sold out by one of His closest people. Which means He had a hommie that bit Him and He was sent to be hung not by people of another religion but by the very people who also believed in God, His Father.

We're all sheep, we can bleat, skip and run. At some point we fall, are wounded bleat real loud for help. Being human, it's too often we look at the flaws of others and angrily dismiss the whole religion as flaky. It's not very fair but arguing that "you people" and the collective use of "you" penalizing every single person out there defies logic.

But who needs logic? I'm learning to use love, not logic. This is how I'm trying to grow up from a noisy bleating screaming lamb to be more calm and always look to my Shepherd. :)

Have a good day and a good week!

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I love your blogs. I love ur thinking. I agree how some people blame the WHOLE population because of one bad person.
over 11 years ago
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You have a blessed week too Lydia! I love your positivity!
over 11 years ago
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i always enjoy your blogs but i tend to have mixed feelings about organized religion...while god is a wonderous thing and in finding him we add a whole new dimension to our lives, i also feel that some groups tend to ostrisize others and bend the word of god to fit their own agendas. I wish more felt the way you do...after all faith is just that....have a good week too.
over 11 years ago
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I'm not a Christian but I respect the right of all people to follow the religion of their choosing, so long as they don't try and convert me or judge me for not being whatever. It is dangerous when people speak in absolutes and "you people" is a classic example of it
over 11 years ago
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Faith, hope & love, Lydia ~ 3 things just like the Trinity ~ Father, Son & Holy Spirit ~ not necessary to go hog-wild with going to church daily/weekly/whatever; just keep these in everyday living :)
over 11 years ago
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I suppose we have to bear with it as Christians. We are sinners afterall so leave the judgement part to God. It is sad that not all are chosen and since we are not able to tell who are and who are not, we will have to carry out MISSION 2819 regardless.
over 11 years ago
Wow... that guy must be under a lot of conviction to have put so much time and thought into his angsty rants. What gets me is this idea that, as soon as we accepted Christ, we supposedly developed some super human ability to never make mistakes, giving people the "right" to jump all over ALL us everytime anyone screws up. That's why I tell people I practice Christianity, with the emphasis on "practice"--I often screw up and haven't gotten it right yet. I'd like to watch that guy go off in the same way on a believer of any other faith. Go off on a muslim dude! See what happens! So, according to his rules, we should be able to lump all non-believers together and judge them by the actions of one of them? So does that make this guy a homicidal manic then? Does that make him responsible for all the atrocities in Darfur? While we're at it, let's lump him in with child molesters and drug dealers... Actually, we CAN cram things down people's throats... We'll get in trouble for it, and likely go to jail, but it IS possible ;) :P
over 11 years ago
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Interesting blog on Christians and Christ. As an English Lit Professor and as someone who has studied the major religions of the world, I can understand the person you quoted's point of view, To play the devil's advocate, Christianity, not Christ can be interpreted as too pushy--too many devout followers wanting to spread their religion to the "heavens" of other lands; Christianity can be construed also as a religion of Imperialists colonizing other countries; but...and you show a good, positive point, one must always get the source of info. from a reliable source--in your case Jesus Christ himself--Christ wasn't materialistic, even though so many Christians are and fervently ply people with their religion. I wouldn't talk so much about a hot topic like religion, though as much...when I used to drink, there was a saying that no one should discuss politics or religion at a bar. Notably, one person used an example of a muslim dude, but that person could've easily chosen a Hasidic/Orthodox Jew, yet it was politically incorrect and can be construed as inflammatory, given today's popular apprehension of muslims. I hope this comment helps...Good Luck! :)
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