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in the studio

I hope everyone had a super Valentine's Day!

I've been back in Shanghai for a bit now and just slowly getting back into my routine again.

I've been taking spinning classes to achieve a rock hard bottom, hehe!

Hopefully I'll be fit enough to go on a bike ride with Etchy next time I go to HK!

Last night I was in the studio to record a song with a local recording artist called Linbao. She's one of the best singers I know here.

It's quite funny, coz we haven't spoken much the past ...Read more

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Yesterday I was in Amsterdam with my mom and sister!

This is the Dam square and it lies right in the center of Amsterdam. In the summer there are pigeons everywhere waiting to be fed.

Normally there are a lot of musicians/artists showing off their skills etc around this area. The only person that was there in the rain was this scary dude:

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Yes, the cake diet continues!

I used to make apple pie at home very often, it's easy to make, healthier than chocolate cake and still very delicious!

These days my sister makes great apple pies, so I leave the baking to her now, hehe.

I present to you: JANE's APPLE PIE: Read more

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My diet, the sequel...

My sister Jane made this for breakfast and I thought it was pretty blog-worthy!

Pigs in a blanket

Some dishes from my CNY dinner:

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bull riding competition @ racks

I haven't had the chance to blog about this yet, but since it's the year of the OX, I thought it was suitable to share some pictures of the bull riding competition held @ Racks in Shanghai a while ago. The quest was to search for the hottest female bull rider:

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One of the things that I really miss in Shanghai is the great choice of cheese!

Cheese is called KAAS in Dutch and even the little supermarket around the corner of my parent's house in Holland stocks heaps of cheese. I'm having it everyday for breakfast with freshly baked bread!

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My new diet

On the day that I arrived my sister Jane baked an apple pie for me!!

Today, she baked her famous red velvet cake!

I'm officially on my new diet, the Cake diet!

I will be in Holland for another 12 days...I thought I would be getting a bit fitter with my sisters dragging me to the gym...but I don't think that will happen now with me having cake every day. This is how she makes it:

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back in Holland!

I just arrived in Holland!

It's so good to see my family!

I'm the second out of five kids. Yep, I have a big family and I'm lovin' it! I wish I could see my family more often...

Last weekend I had dinner with my friend Xiao Ting and then went to her parents billiard club.

She gave some more tips...but I still have a long way to go before I can play a decent game with someone. Read more

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First blog of 2009!

This is my first blog of this year and I want to wish everyone a prosperous year of the OX!

As most people partied hard on New Years eve, I had a more relaxed evening. I went to hang out at a friend's house. Then when two of my other friends arrived, I took them to a really authentic Thai restaurant downstairs. We had a really big dinner but I think that that is definitely a must on New Years eve! ;) Then we went up to my friend's house again where the rest of the people were playing some games. I stayed until the countdow...Read more

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Soul of Shaolin

Recently I was asked to review a Chinese musical that's about to be shown on Broadway.

It's called "Soul of Shaolin" and the story is about a boy who was separated from his mother when they were attacked by rebels. The boy was found by a monk who raised him in the Shaolin temple. As he grows up, he becomes a master of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Of course there is a happy ending... He gets reunited with his mother in the end!

I was actually expecting there that would be singing involved... but they only had som...Read more

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