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December = binging month!!!

Been traveling a lot the past few weeks and the most recent stop was Beijing for a gig. My friend Sunny Pan from Shanghai was also there and we hang out together. I also got to see some friends from Beijing who I hadn't seen for almost a year! It really made me miss living there...My life is in Shanghai at the moment but who knows... You never know what the future will bring!

Here are some miscellaneous pics of the last week.

I went to Shunza's concert at the Oriental Art Center. One of the songs she sang w...Read more

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SH charity show

I had such a great time in HK. It feels like I'm there never long enough!

I was able to go to Patrick & Stephen's Thanksgiving party for a little bit. Rene was the Wii queen of the night! It's such a great party game and it will make you fit if you play it often!

I got back into Shanghai yesterday morning to sing with my friend Kim and her sister Nancy at a charity gala. Her husband David Yeh was the first Chinese man to put a Chinese company on the Nasdaq and he has been very active in the charity scene.

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I was in Kunming a few days ago and saw this really interesting fruit at the airport. It was called huo she or something. I didn't try it, but since they are in the orange department, they must be a citrus kind of fruit.

I saw my dad a few days ago. He was visiting in Shanghai and he brought me a bunch of goodies from Holland including pepernoten, they're like small ginger nuts. They only sel...Read more

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Defying Gravity

I'm in Changsha, Hunan Provence right now and the first thing I did was order some famous Hunan fish head! If you're in Shanghai and you want to have good Hunan food, go to Guyi on Fumin road.

I'm finally able to get on AnD again! It was such a bumber that the Chinese Firewall blocked the site. Everything seems to be working OK now!

Here's me singing one of my favorite musical theater songs at the Musical Moments concert. The song is called "Defying Gravity&qu...Read more

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My first Halloween party

Halloween parties are not common in Holland. That's why I've never been to one!

Last night I went to my first one... Well, two actually.

First I had a business dinner, then a Halloween ball at the Grand Hyatt organized by Life Line express... and last but not least, I went to the AnD party! It was sooo cool to see that so many people really made an effort to look original!

My favorite is Stephen's outfit! Just because it was soooo cute! He told me in advance that he would be blue... First thing tha...Read more

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The house was packed last night at the Musical Moments concert! To everyone who came to support: THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves coz the performers definitely did! It was so much fun doing this show again and I look back on it with a big grin! Lifeline Express was able to raise more than 3 Million HKD!!! So many people will be able to receive the gift of sight!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo's manager GR took pictures of the whole progress of how this show came together and I should be gettin...Read more

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Junk trip, Blue bar, rehearsals etc etc!


Still having a super time in Hong Kong. These past few days have been quite eventful. Our producer Stanley took us on a Junk trip to Lamma Island. It was a perfect day for a boat trip!

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Musical Moments Presscon and rehearsals


Rehearsals for Musical Moments are in full swing!!! This time we'll also have some kick ass dancers in the show as well. We've had several rehearsals and things are starting to take shape. The main cast is the same as last year and it feels great to see everyone again and work together on something really exciting! I'm really happy and grateful to work with this great bunch of people...The atmosphere is fantastic!

This is the first rehearsal with the band. Last night we had our first rehea...Read more

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Maid of Honor!


I'm in Hong Kong right now rehearsing for the Musical Moments concert at the Starhall on the 29th of October! This year we have Joanna Ampil again as our main singer! I can't believe one year has passed already since the last concert, time surely does fly!

I went to my friends wedding right before I came to Hong Kong and I had my first ever maid of honor experience. We didn't have a rehearsal so I wasn't sure what to do, but luckily it all went well.

My friend looked sooo pretty!!

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Aida and Beijing

Another Broadway musical came to Shanghai!

I watched AIDA last week. It was cool watching it coz I sang some of the songs in school a long time go. I try to catch all musicals that come to town. I liked the two leads who played Aida and Radames. One of my fave songs is How I Know You sung by Aida and Mereb.

I was in Beijing last weekend for a mini Musical Moments performance.

The big Musical Moments concert will take place on the 29th of October, 8pm at Starhall in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. Please come and support! Mos...Read more

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