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My ticket to Bali has been booked! I will be leaving next week! So excited!

That calls for a celebration!

I had a nice cappucino at Coffeebean and then I went to the Millionaire Fair. It's originally a Dutch event where the top names of the international and national luxury goods industry get together to present their most beautiful and most exclusive products and services to a selective public. Two of my friends were exhibiting their art. There were also performances by several popular bands. A fun event, where there were heaps of people and also a lot of old friends I hadn't seen in a while!

After that we went to the JZ club where a latin band was playing. We were dancing till our feet started to hurt!!

My big adventure will start in a week! skydiving, scuba diving, freediving, bungee jumping and of course partying!!!!!! Doesn't really sound like work huh? Can't wait!



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make sure you do the skydiving first before the scuba, you can't go up in a plane for like 24 hours after diving!
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Andy_Lau: I will definately keep blogging and put pics up with my blog! Etchy: I have my Padi licence so I know the do's and dont's, but thanks for reminding me! ;) So you dive too?We'll be staying in Bali, but also go to Gili Island. The producer is also a diving fanatic so we'll be safe with him! musicnote: I definately will!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!! The countdown has started...
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LT: i have gone a few times in Hawaii and really loved it, so I'm finally taking the license class this summer here in HK (actually one of my coworkers is an instructor so he's twisting my arm!) ;-) take some underwater pics, I've heard Bali is great for diving.
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