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From Bali to Gili...seasick...

7:00 We arrive at the dock and wait for the smaller boat that will take us to the main one.

8:00 small boat finally arrives...

8:20 we get on the main boat

9:00 waiting on the boat for a crew member who had gone to get some more tape...Haven't had breakfast yet, so Adventure Girl Mandy and I decide to have some choco coffee flavoured TimTams.

9:30 We finally begin our journey!!! The boat ride is supposed to take 2,5 hours. It's nice and sunny and there's a light breeze.

10:00 getting windier... Mandy and I do yoga on the deck. What a pleasant day!

10:10 ah, first two cases of seasickness, Gina and Jenna. It's baaad... One of the producers says that massaging on pressure points should help... I start massaging Jenna... It helped a little bit in the beginning.. but the waves were getting bigger and bigger, so the two girls started to feel sicker... I passed a plastic bag to Jenna which she immediately threw up in... I was sitting next to her, tapping her on her back...I usually don't get seasick... but seeing other people throw up like that, I started to feel nauseous too!

I decided to go sit inside and not look at the other people who were also started to throw up.

The waves were getting really bad and there were a few times that it felt that we were thrown in the air. I decide to go to the bathroom outside... I see most of our crew lying on the floor... and some of them emptying their stomach into the sea...I go quickly into the toilet... there was no light or window, so I did what I had to do in the dark... When I stood up, the boat got hit by a big wave again and I bumped my head into the wall in front of me... STARS!!! Light after all!!!!

I stumble outside and went back inside the boat...I found a place to lie down... I was feeling yuck... Seeing everybody throw up made me sooo nauseous... And the boat bouncing on the waves didn't help either...Now I know what it it must be like to feel seasick... I ran, uh half crawled to the side of the boat and wanted to chuck, but then I saw the camera guy trying to film me, I changed my mind and crawled back inside the boat...I tried to sleep... which was almost  impossible... I had to hold the edge of the couch, coz every time the boat bounced, I bounced too.

The wind was so strong that it blew us totally off course, but after 5,5 (!!!) hours of torture we finally arrived at Gili Island!!!! What a relief!!!!!!!!!!

As soon as I stepped on land, I threw up! Byebye TimTams!  Adventure Girl Betty quickly ran off to get Erik to film me, but I had already finished when he arrived, ha!

We went to our villa's (hehe) by horse carriage...

Here are some pics:

It looks like Gina is amazed by Mandy's yoga skills, but she's actually trying not to throw up.

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over 15 years ago
Li tong 2014 2 photo by fion cao
It's not all fun and laughter! Sometimes you gotta pay the price... Etchy, still wanna be part of Adventure Girls? ;)
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i have a pretty good stomach, i was the only one who dared to eat anything on our last scuba trip...
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Yikes... what an awful boat ride. I have motion-sickness, so I'd probably be one of the first people to lose my stomach out there. <=P
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