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Celine Dion in Shanghai

Canadian pop diva Celine Dion was just here in Shanghai to perform at the Shanghai Stadum which has a capacity of 50.000!

I had to be there as Celine is one of the main people who influenced me when I just started singing...I learned so much by listening to her songs and trying to copy her singing technique. I knew all the songs that she sang at her concert except for this new song called "Shadow of Love". She also paid a tribute to " Queen" by singing two of their songs: "We Will Rock You" and "The Show Must Go On".

Every time she went off stage people assumed she went for a costume change, but she didn't change at all. I guess she couldn't be bothered with it. Her voice was really the main focus of the night. Her voice was super during every single song...Her encore was "My Heart Will Go On".

The back part of the stadium was totally full.

Here she is singing with one of her back-up singers

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i want to hear you sign 'my heart will go on'. ;-)
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hey chica, gonna be in Shanghai this weekend, have a table at muse on friday wanna come out?! ;p
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