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The Philippine missions!

I always love going to the Phils! You can always find good music, great food, beautiful beaches and friendly people there! It's also the place where in fell in love with scuba diving!

My first mission in the Phils was totally awesome!

I had the privilege  to sing at a concert in Cebu with one of the biggest idols in the country:

Piolo Pascual! I had to learn a song in TAGOLOG practically on the spot!

It was the theme song from the movie "Kahit Isang Saglit" (Even for a moment) where Piolo played the lead role in.

We went to watch Piolo's rehearsal at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu.

When we walked into the rehearsal Piolo was rehearsing with Sam Milby, also a very well known actor/singer After their rehearsal I had a chat with Piolo. He's such a nice and charismatic guy!

There was no time to practice the duet with Piolo, so all I could do was keep listening to the song, try to memorize the lyrics and hope for the best!

Filipinos are known for their musical talent. So it was quite nerve wracking to know that I had to perform in front of a few thousand Filipinos without having had a rehearsal AND I had to sing in their language!

I felt quite calm when Piolo called me on to the stage. My mic didn't work in the beginning so they changed it quickly.

Piolo was just great! I felt he was very giving on stage and it was a great pleasure to sing with him! The audience was amazing too! They were really welcoming and seemed very appreciative about the fact that I was singing in their mother tongue!

Hehe, an Adventure Girl can do anything!

Interviewing Piolo

David, moi et Piolo!

David Fabros aka Mr. Fabulous is our photographer for Adventure Girls and also the author of Piolo's biography! You can find more on David@ www.davidfabros.com


Sanay, ikay muling, makita ko... Damhin, ang tibok ng puso mo...

A little vid that Sunny took: "Kahit Isang Saglit" with Piolo!

Preview "Adventure Girls" episode 7

The crowd went crazy for Piolo and Sam!

Piolo and Sam singing "It's my life". Backed by very sexy dancers...

There were two guests performers, John Pratts, an amazing dancer and the comedian Pokwang. Pokwang was hilarious! I really enjoyed her skit!

Thanks to everybody involved, it was an unforgettable experience for me!

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'TWO absolute hunks in one performance!' that would actually scare me away from buying a ticket...
about 16 years ago
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I bet there were lots of female fans in the audience that night! Very impressive that you learned the song so quickly, did you know some Tagalog already?
about 16 years ago
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Hey~ heard about your fun karaoke night, sorry i missed it! next time your in HK, we should go eat and sing~ !
about 16 years ago


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