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ADVENTURE GIRLS - My Bali wedding...

The Bali episodes are airingg now! So it's time to share my pics from this amazing trip!

On this trip we unfortunately didn't have Sunny with us, but we did have another cool chick to come with us: Mandy!

The Bali episodes start with us arriving by helicopter!

It would be awesome to learn how to fly one of these!

One of our adventures in Bali was for me to feel what it's like to be to get married the traditional Balinese way. It was really hot that day and I had layers and layers of fabric underneath the black jacket...I felt bad returning the clothes afterwards.. They were drenched... Poor me didn't even know my "husband"...It was an arranged marriage you know!

The ceremony was held in Milo's orchid garden. Milo is a fashion designer and he grows hundreds of different kinds of orchids...It was a feast for the eyes!

While I was sweating away in my wedding clothes, Mandy and Betty learned an Indonesian dance

Dancing with Milo

We did a photoshoot in Milo's house. The photographer is an actual prince.

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wow, quite exotic! its going to be hard for your real wedding dress to match that one! ;-)
about 16 years ago
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wow, looks hot! but can't be worse than elephant water! :-D
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