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Road to recovery | 痊愈中

I'm sure most of you have read about the traumatic week Daniel and I had last week on his blog.  I was completely unable to write about the whole situation, it hurt too much, so I left that up to him. But after reading all the wonderful and caring comments that were left, I had to say a BIG thank you to you all.  Thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers.  Yes it was one of the most devastating weeks of my life. But with the support of my amazing boyfriend and some strong and patient friends I managed to get through it all.  And as I sit here writing this blog with Chiquita sitting in her usual spot, wedged between my arm and my hip, I thank whatever it is up there, that my best friend and daughter is back with me...

Got to let off some steam by going to Shanghai this weekend for the Racks opening. Well, it was actually 14 hours in Shanghai as we had a very important Vet appointment on Saturday. Short but sweet. The place looks amazing and it was packed. I actually moved my butt off the couch and boogied a bit. Trust me when I say that's a rarity! I'm usually a park your butt and watch type of gal. Sorry, I don't have any pictures but some other people on this site do. Check it out!


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you guys looked quite elegant at the party! glad your baby is doing better.
about 16 years ago
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god bless and take care of the little chiquita !
about 16 years ago


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