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high school sucked! | 糟糕的高中生活!

Got a question in my guest book about when I reached my full height, and if I fit in in school. Oh how that question got me reminiscing on how thoroughly I did NOT enjoy high school. Yes I did reach full height in high school. No, I did not fit in that well. Not only was I this height, but I was not a master at the art of hair spraying my bangs into a foot high tsunami wave, (Anyone who was in high school in the U.S. around the same time as myself will know exactly what hairstyle I’m talking about), I was a baggy tie-dye t-shirt wearing dead-head, and yes stick thin. I had the usual nicknames like Olive Oyl and so on. I was on the tennis team, and was for a short time a football cheerleader, but even being a cheerleader or an athlete did not gain me access to the upper echelon’s of suburban high school society. I decided pretty early on as an adolescent that I’d rather spend my time with my horses, riding and competing, then going to keg parties. And yes, I came to that conclusion because I had never been invited to those keg parties . Anyways, glad to NOT be in high school anymore!

Thanks to everyone for supporting the Racks Calendar launch at Racks last night. I think everyone had a good time, and we even managed to sell some calendars!

A little sneak peek...

If anyone in Hong Kong is interested in obtaining this calendar, they are currently on sale at HMV. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Breast Cancer Fund, and the pictures are HOT! Photographed by an awesome photographer and good friend Tymon, let’s just say its girls, pool tables, and lots of skin.

但我不亮眼。不僅因為我很高,而且我很不善於用定型水把劉海整到一個腳那麽高的波浪狀(跟我差不多時期在美國上過高中的人一定知道我指的是哪種發型)。我 那時是穿紮染寬大T恤的Grateful Dead粉絲,而且非常瘦,外號是奧麗薇之類。我是排球隊的,還當過一陣子足球隊啦啦隊長。但即使是啦啦隊長還是運動員,也沒有給我在那個郊外的高中裏帶來更高地位。在我的青春期,很早就決定寧願和我的馬呆在一起,學習騎馬參加比賽,然後可以參加狂飲啤酒的Party。是的,我有那樣的誌願是因為從未被邀請參加狂飲啤酒的Party。無論如何,很開心現在已不再是高中時代了!





| 在我的留言簿里有个问题,我是什么时候长到最高,在学校是否就很亮眼?哦,这个问题让我回忆起很不愉快的高中生活。是的,我的确是在高中就长到了这么高,但我不亮眼。不仅因为我很高,而且我很不善于用定型水把刘海整到一个脚那么高的波浪状(跟我差不多时期在美国上过高中的人一定知道我指的是哪种发型)。我那时是穿扎染宽大T恤的Grateful Dead粉丝,而且非常瘦,外号是奥丽薇之类。我是排球队的,还当过一阵子足球队啦啦队长。但即使是啦啦队长还是运动员,也没有给我在那个郊外的高中里带来更高地位。在我的青春期,很早就决定宁愿和我的马呆在一起,学习骑马参加比赛,然后可以参加狂饮啤酒的Party。是的,我有那样的志愿是因为从未被邀请参加狂饮啤酒的Party。无论如何,很开心现在已不再是高中时代了!感谢昨晚到Racks支持Racks挂历推广会的各位朋友!每个人都很开心,我们真的卖出了一些挂历![if !supportLineBreakNewLine]



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ooh, nice picture! ;-) high school - for me it was pretty good, not because of popularity or anything like that, but just because i had a lot of great friends and we had a lot of fun together doing whatever. same w/ college...
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interesting...skin photos and college past for high sch, was the vice prez of the students' council, but didnt like it coz all the stabbing (not back stabbing)...and sch std was pretty tough too. it's called Victoria Junior College, and incidentally , David Beckam yes the footballer visited the sch due to it having the same name as his wife, Victoria.
over 16 years ago
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i can produce photos of Pat in high school...
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