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Donna Summers says it best... | Donna Summers說這樣最好…

Donna Summers says it best when she belts out "She works hard for her money, so hard for it honey!" Lately that's all I've been doing...

First off is a shoot I did for a high end aviation magazine called Jet Magazine. It was booty ass cold that day, and of course I was meant to look like I'd just landed in St. Tropez ready to strip down to my itsy bitsy bikini and dive into the blue green water of the Mediterranean. Felt more like Alaska with a bucket of ice over my head!

Next we got the new Olay TV commercial I shot. As usual it was an absolute pleasure to shoot. Yes, now TV viewers are going to be stuck lookin' at my mug for another whole year !

And finally, I've just returned from a trip to Hangzhou where I was shooting a campaign for a clothing line called O.T.T. I don't know what it stands for, but for all you Aussies and North Americans out there, I'm pretty sure it doesn't stand for what we know O.T.T. to mean...over the top. Actually, it was the complete opposite. A cool, simple, graphically designed collection that had a Yoji Yamamoto feel to it.

Me and the designer...

| Donna Summers說這樣最好,”她為賺錢努力工作,那麽辛苦,甜心!”這正是我最近的寫照…

我先為一本叫”噴射機雜誌”的高端航空雜誌拍攝。那天超級冷,我還得看起來象剛剛降落到St. Tropez,準備好脫下衣服,穿著小巧玲瓏的比基尼,到地中海碧綠海水中暢遊的樣子。感覺更象在阿拉斯加,冰水從頭上澆下來!




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you have a cool job! :-P
almost 15 years ago
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hi lisa, it's cool to work with you for the jet magazine.. look forward to styling you again.. cheers,..
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Busy Woman. Pretty, Smart, Elegant! You've got it all!
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