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Burnt in Boracay | 灼燒長灘島

Just got back from a short four day trip to Boracay. I was there shooting a one off travel show for ATV. Beautiful island. The water is possibly the clearest water I've ever seen. It has been such a long time since I've been anywhere near water that crystal clear and sand that fine and white, that I, a swimming pools only kinda gal because there are no large fish to eat you, spent a good two hours frolicking in the ocean. There were a lot of tourists around but we managed to find some somewhat secluded spots to film.

So we land in Manila, and are transferred to the domestic airport, which was obviously built in the 70's or early 80's and hasn't been touched since.

| 剛從4天的長灘島拍攝回來,我是為ATV拍攝一輯旅遊節目,那兒的水是我見過最清澈的。很久不見澄凈得象鉆石一樣的海水,沙子那麽白那麽美,又沒有吃人的大魚,以往只在遊泳池裏玩水的我在海裏自在嬉戲了兩個小時。雖然有許多遊客,但我們找到了一個隱蔽的地方拍攝。



And as we are waiting for our next flight I stumble across this phone that only allows calls to Korea. Totally odd don't you think?

| 等待下一趟飛行時,看到這張只跟韓國通話的告示,很奇怪吧?

| 等待下一趟飞行时,看到这张只跟韩国通话的告示,很奇怪吧?

Then we took a "ferry" to Boracay. It was a bit of a mission getting to this island but I was excited to be on an island. Any island.  And the first day of shooting we wake up at 6 a.m. to this....

| 然後我們”擺渡”到了長灘島,雖然到這兒有工作在身,但我到島上很興奮。踏上任何島我都會如此。第一天拍攝我們早上6點就起床了…

| 然后我们”摆渡”到了长滩岛,虽然到这儿有工作在身,但我到岛上很兴奋。踏上任何岛我都会如此。第一天拍摄我们早上6点就起床了…

Yes there was minor flooding. Buzz kill.... But then, like a gift from the heavens the clouds parted and we were able to finally dip into those emerald waters.

| 是啊,大雨傾盆。真是不妙…但不久後天公突然作美,雲層散去,我們終於有機會欣賞到那翡翠般的海水。

| 是啊,大雨倾盆。真是不妙…但不久后天公突然作美,云层散去,我们终于有机会欣赏到那翡翠般的海水。

Filmed a bit of me riding

| 拍了一些我騎馬的鏡頭

| 拍了一些我骑马的镜头 Being interviewed at the end of the trip about my thoughts on Boracay. Notice that in this photo I am 15 shades darker then when I arrived. Yes, as the title of this blog says, I was burnt to a crisp. Even with SPF 55 on!

Overall its a pretty nice place although a lot of it is under development. When all the building is done there will be a ton of  nice resorts, although I don't know if that's such a good thing...

| 節目的尾聲是采訪我對長灘島的看法。註意到沒有,我已經比來時黑了15度。就象標題寫的,我已經被烤黑了,即便搽了SPF 55的防曬油!


|节目的尾声是采访我对长滩岛的看法。注意到没有,我已经比来时黑了15度。就象标题写的,我已经被烤黑了,即便搽了SPF 55的防晒油!总的来说是个很棒的地方,虽然很多地方还没被开发出来。等所有建筑完成后一定是个度假胜地,但我不晓得是不是好事…

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wow another great blog from Lisa! i love the photos (cause i'm all about photo blogs). how was the scuba?
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