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Blog: Friday, Aug 19

salome opens tonight! (oh yeah i should mention i'm the lighting designer)

it's been great to be involved again in the singapore lyric opera's production of this fab piece. it's my 7th opera with them, and that's been an education in itself for me. i was delighted when director andrew sinclair asked me to work with him again (i lit la boheme for him 2 years ago), and it has been a long awaited pleasure to work again with my old friend of more than 20 years, the leading architect and set designer justin hill.

but the opera....

hey  you know, i don't jack shit about this stuff, but it rocks. those of you who know me well know i've always been a bit of a repressed rocker. rock and classical (for me) are the only things musically i hear that really shake up the world with their passion and power. and to hear these guys do it, well it blows me away. janice watson is an opera star, and you can see why. like some other fantastic leading ladies i've had the pleasure to light, she is brave, commited, and so intelligent and nuanced in her portrayal you understand every damn word even if it's in german! heh heh yeah i'm still a plebe. but these experiences enrich me, and i hope those of you in singapore this next few days will get to see the show! we play till tuesday, and the link is below. ask me and i'll get you a discount!


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break a leg!
over 9 years ago
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opera bro? eek!... running off.... lol
over 9 years ago
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haha it's been an education!
over 9 years ago
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You just like Dances of the Seven Veils. ;)
over 9 years ago
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haha you are so right! but we did it with boys, so it didn't quite hit me in the same place, heh heh!
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