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Hollywoods Most Liked Unproduced Scripts 2010

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Ghosts of Christmas Past

Lawrence 1959 ChristmasI have just put the Christmas tree up, added lights that twinkle, turned off the electronic music that accompanies the flashing lights, added plastic glitter balls and spread a few more festive strings of brightly coloured plastic about the room.   I am now jolly and festive.Usually at this time of the year I head back to the ice, wind and snow of the UK and visit old friends and family. I get a nostalgic buzz from this, but this year...Read more

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The Film Industry

The Flow Of Money Through The Film Industry Find the latest movie trailers on Myspace

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The final shot was done, a splatter of blood on a wall, and then a pop of a champagne cork and some warm fizz in a plastic cup with the remaining crew and actress. I added a milk chocolate magnum each into the party mix and then we took photographs of each other. Except I managed not to take any because I had stopped thinking. in fact I had mostly stopped thinking at four AM that morning when I finally got to bed after the previous day's shoot.Read more

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Blog: Saturday, Aug 28

I was intending to blog about each film I've been involved with this month but I have been far too busy and exhausted to do any. Let us say that all the films have been interesting experiences.The first one was a cross cultural romance featuring a bit of martial arts beneath Boscombe Pier. Here we battled rain and wind while shooting what was to be a sunny summer fling.DSCN1012The second was about a cross dresser caught out by his teenage daughter, and here we battl...Read more

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Blog: Sunday, Aug 15

I always knew that shooting movies was a pain but I never realised how much more of a pain shooting them in the UK was. Here it rains then it's sunshine and then clouds pass over and then they disappear. The light waxes and wains and disrupts continuity. The temperature swings from hot to cold to hot again and the wind whips up and dies down and it's off with the coat, off with the shirt, back on with the shirt, off with the shirt, then reach for the sunblocker and then up with the umbrella. I've developed a ruddy complexion ...Read more

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What I learnt at school today!

It is always interesting to step back from being a teacher and becoming a pupil. The ability to listen is by far superior to the ability to speak. If you listen carefully you pick up new information, even when it is surrounded by old news. There are few people you cannot learn something from. Even so quite a few people raised their eyebrows when I said I was going to film school instead of spending my money on making a low budget feature. Now I am perfectly aware that Film Schools all around the world always teach how films wer...Read more

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In Praise of Old Friends

I fear that my prose is no longer cutting edge, but of an old school. The influence of texting that I try eliminate from the scripts of people who attend my course, might well be just me being an old fart rather than my establishing any high standards. But there was a time when I was definitely in the avant-guarde. I still consider myself as avant-guarde, though perhaps it is the avant-guarde of the eighties! Either way cutting edge was what it was all about and here is a little blast from the past that I discovered lurking on the we...Read more

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