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Casting A Feature

We are now producing a feature to be shot the second half of 2012.  And we are casting.

The film is an action/comedy requiring one male lead, a good looking business type in his thirties, and one female lead, a very sexy and savvy type. We also need a good looking female friend for our heroine, and an assortment of thugs, gangsters and wry villains of all manner of accents.

This is one of those films where the good looking male lead just has to get his shirt off to cool down before the airconditioner, and the female lead has...Read more

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The End Is Nigh!

The Latest Blog From Lawrence GrayLawrence goes all English on us and muses upon the manner in which every utterance we make betrays our history.

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Queen of Queen Street Wraps

The latest blog entry... It's A Wrap!

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My Latest Blog Entry

Banned in China

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This Year's Film Market

My take on this years film market.

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Indie Film Making

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A Year's 'spection

Another year and another blog full of spections - Intro, retro, and there must be a third type of spection. If there is, then I claim it. Nobody actually reads these things apart from you dear reader, though rarely beyond the first paragraph and rightly so. Swathes of mediocrity fill the Internet, and I am no different. I wallow in mediocrity. I live in Hong Kong for a start, reputedly a first rate place for third rate people.   I have no idea who said that originally. Perhaps nobody did and I invented it after misreading something...Read more

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