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I AM NOT a Hello Kitty fanatic!

Recently, I was ordered to do some research on internet, about interesting topics, or person(s) who has special skills.

Only that blog style website, I am extremely curious and keep reading in personally. (It is not developed to be the proposal for bosses' client.)

I AM NOT a Hello Kitty fanatic!

I can feel his pain... as his wife loves HelloKitty, but for him that's overloaded.

that website is really success to keep people staying. WHY a man keep continue write on that topic (since 2008 aug till now) >>  in the Hell with HelloKitty but sleep with a HelloKitty fan.... WHY he enjoys the pain like that?!

the banner of that blog is very to good express the situation that he's standing.

sourcesURL: http://www.kittyhell.com/

about 16 years ago 0 likes  8 comments  0 shares
what are you doing that early Kiu???
about 16 years ago
Photo 42713
oh, since 1006 aug, actually...
about 16 years ago
My ex-wife was a fanatic. It drove me crazy too (along with other things...). And yes, I know I have a Hello Kitty guitar, but it is a joke!!!
about 16 years ago
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i've always preferred Pochacco to Hello Kitty ... he is much cuter i think .... but he has died his death long ago ... what is it with this cat that has the ladies obsessed? ..... you know that Charmy Kitty is now so hot too ...... Charmy is Kitty's pet kitty ... pretty ridiculous but you gotta admire those people at Sanrio ....
about 16 years ago


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