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"In Cheng du"

May 19th: arrived in cheng du hungery and tired and my god this city is so awsome....people all look hella upset and unhappy but besides that its all good...I loved beijing and nanjing more!.....did jack shit all day.....

May 20th: Woke up at noon and then had lunch with the band and then it was off to sound check and rehearsal at the Sze chuan university...The venue was big but it wasnt made to put on shows cus the accoustic wasnt that good but anyway the equipment was fuckin awsome...DW drumkit again with silver glitter nice looking stage....We hung out there until show time chillin out in the dressin room cus it was the only place with AC...The show was packed with Cheng du'ers and they were crazy abt Eas...We played a really tight set today and sounded really good.....After the show we went had a wrap up dinner at a really nice sze chuan restaurant and rabbit head was served...(ERGHHHH YUK)....No on even touched it so the waiters took it away and that sought of killed my appetite...scorpions are ok but rabbits head was totally fucked up...After dinner we went back to the hotel and now chillin with skottie boy and jonathan.....going to cheung sha hunan tomorrow...

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Hope you are enjoying your trip! See you soon in H.K! And curses to anyone who eats rabbits! I am a rabbit myself and rabbit eaters scare me!
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