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Being imprisoned by loneliness

There are times that you feel like being imprisoned by loneliness.

That is, when you:

send a msg on msn and no one responds to you;

send an email (that contains a question or begs for a response) and it seems lost or takes ages to receive a reply, and furthermore, the reply doesn't address your question;

make a phone call and all you hear is a recorded message asking you to  leave a message, and then you never get a call back;

schedule to meet a person but due to whatever reason, it is postponed to a long time in the future in a galaxy far, far away...

just want to find someone to talk and everyone you want is out of touch.

How often do this kind of thing to happen to make you feel being imprisoned? What if it seems to happen everyday in a month? What if it just happens so frequently that you begin to wonder if you ever exist, or if you existence is worth the attention of anyone?

And you know how I feel now... and i am listening to eason's 浮誇...

p.s. I am not sure if any of you feel some of the banner ads on this site is kinda annoying (definitely not the AnD house ad), like this zonealarm adclick banner, it keeps loading even after i clicked "stop loading the page", and then some annoying popup just appeared saying there are some looping error with the page. And the way it keeps loading also slow down the page quite a bit....

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what is the URL of the ad? (or where does it go when you click?)
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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
There are definitely times in my life when I get nothing but answering machines, send messages out into cyberspace that never get answered, and basically can't find anyone to communicate with--even though that is all I want to do. I used to wonder 'what's wrong with me that this happens". Now I get that I feel lonely and that there isn't going to be another human-being around to ease that loneliness. Sometimes I'll sit down and begin writing and, when I get immersed in my topic, I soon become glad that there is no interruption because I need the peace, quiet and, most importantly, time to concentrate and give what I'm writing my undivided attention. I have written some of my best poems in that space. Quickly, when I get caught up in the act of creation, I forget myself and my own feelings of loneliness and I'm fine again. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that you feel lonely when you want to connect with others and cannot (human-beings are social animals, after all). But then you have to find something to engage your attention and that requires you to contribute energy to break out of it. Otherwise, it is easy to feel more and more depressed and start down a path of doubting yourself. If looked at dispassionately, it also becomes apparent of how many times people reach out to communicate with us when we're not even looking for it. Sometimes there is this time delay between the outlay of energy to be in touch with others and others trying to be in touch with us. It isn't a one-to-one cause and effect, but if you put out energy to be in touch with people, the universe has a way of recycling that energy and sending it back your way at some unspecified time in the future. It can just suck in the present moment when you know you would prefer to be in touch with people, and there isn't anyone available for whatever reason(s).
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Jayson 93 2
Sometimes I feel this way too. These moments are brief though and they do eventually go away. It just takes time. Music is definitely a good way of fighting the loneliness. Interestingly, I listen to Eason's stuff quite a bit during times like these.
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