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Dear AnD, it's been a long, long while...

Dear AnD,Happy Howloween... I've been painting a lot since I was last here...I've donated a few to charities...This one's called "Hope Grows Love" and was auctioned off at a www.againstthegrain.com charity event...This is what it looks like in the dark...I've also painted a few after the Japan earthquake.  I wanted to create the feeling of "Hope".Here are a few words about them when they were up in Gallery Aryai on Melrose:Hope...

I've been inspired by recent events to paint "hope". This painting glows-in-the-dark. The colorless orbs represent those we've lost. They will always be with us as we continue to grow.

canvas + gesso + acrylic + h2o + brush + boy beater + jeans + glow


it's there

you can see it

even in the night

it shines

so bright

the human spirit

because I believe

you will always be

with me

life glows

life grows

there is


Been painting to the sound of my friend Katz from Yokoso News reporting the Japanese news in English on http://ustre.am/fkaU.Close up of my little friend, the Koi fish.  He also glows at night...It was nice catching up with you!P.S.  I found a new friend in the kitchen.  I want to use him for soup...Run, Ginger Man, run...

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Admin bear cimg7673
thanks for the update Karin! hope to see more paintings soon! ;-)
over 11 years ago
Elena dd unset 18
this is such a nice work!!
over 11 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
Very nice, like the ginger man... but shouldn't his hair be red, haha.
over 11 years ago


....art grows life....

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