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....art grows life....

Actress Karin Anna Cheung made her breakout debut on Justin Lin's Better Luck Tomorrow as the female lead. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times has written that Karin is "a gifted Asian American actor." Her first feature film Better Luck Tomorrow directed by Justin Lin, in which she plays the leading female role screened at festivals across the country, including Sundance, but it was when MTV Films purchased it that Karin became known to everyone world wide. A multi-talented performer and artist, Karin's recent starring role was in the PBS drama pilot My Life...Disoriented.

A California native, Karin has had a passion for the arts since early childhood. She began her studies in music at age five and had parents who encouraged her to try everything artistic. She soon found self expression, fulfillment, growth and healing through both art and music and started to understand the deep connection between the two. After graduating from college with a degree in arts, she continued to work on art at home while performing her music at various gigs and working sporadically as a freelance photographer. Having had never considered showing her art, Karin had her first collaborated gallery show at Lost Souls Cafe in Los Angeles due to friends' encouragement and support. Whether it be abstract or character pieces, her art explores the balance of life/death and positive/negative energies. One of the most important things Karin learned is, "you should not be afraid to try anything in life, because the worst thing you can find out is that you don't like it or it's not right for you." This way of thinking allowed Karin to work without boundaries and limitations with materials, styles, and subject matters.

Karin last worked on a romantic-comedy feature called "The People I've Slept With" with director Quentin Lee, writer Koji Steven Sakai, producer Stanley Yung, and executive producers Brian Yang and Sam Kwok. It recently hit the festival circuit having it's world premiere at Hawaii International Film Festival and San Diego Asian American Film Festival.

Karin is grateful to have had the opportunity to study acting with the talented Glen Chin at East West Players in Los Angeles.

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....art grows life....

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