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King of Prop

 Why do so many Asian American parents want their children to be doctors or lawyers?  I’m serious.  I’ve talked to so many people who tell me tales upon tales of their parents’ insistence on those professions.  I get it.  I know the parents ultimately want their kids to be secure and honorable and blah, blah, blah… Well, I can’t wait until I have kids, because I will do my best to really try to “persuade” them to become a prop comic.  Yes, a prop comic.  Think about it.  Who is the top prop comic working today?  That’s right.  Carrot Top.  The dude’s been working for like 20 years now.  Now that’s security.  He’s done commercials, films, and headlines for big Vegas casinos.  I don’t want to appear like I’m trashing the red head wonder… but come on, I know my kids can at least match his punning skills.  What’s harder- to become the world’s best doctor or to become the world’s best prop comic?  I don’t know about you, but I’d be one proud papa of the word’s best prop comic. 

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haha Justin I can't wait to see your prop comic kids! I know I really feel for some of my friends, they're under enormous pressure...Two of them went to standford together, I think they already have so many credits that they graduate in a year...
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what's a prop comic? and that doctor/lawyer thing? I'm not going to get into that haha ~ my parents are still kind of upset =P
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I would want my kid to do whatever he/she enjoys! haha
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My parents never pressured me to go into any field. They only got on my case about grades. =P
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Actually A recent study discovered that 72% of british parents want their kids to become teachers. I like your idea of prop comic. I say let kids be what they want to be. I won't force them into anything, their happiness should come first, not social status for the parents.
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I can tell already, you'd be one cool dad! =) You gonna help them work on their jokes too?
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
sounds like a good plan!
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July 19, 2007